Order Your Master

Please note that the price for mastering each track is £25. You can order multiple tracks at once. Just make sure to zip your files because you can only upload one file per purchase.

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Audio File Prep Instructions

Please make sure you prepare your audio file in the correct way following the instructions below. I am not responsible if you send me a track that cannot be mastered properly.

  • 24 or 32 Bit WAV
  • 44.kHz
  • Make sure your file has no mastering on it i.e. No Limiting or Compression should be applied to your audio file
  • The file should ideally peak at no more than around -6db
  • Zip your audio file(s) before uploading (we accept all forms of .zip files
  • I will send your track fully mastered in 16 bit 44.1khz WAV, ready for digital release.
  • I will use WeTransfer to send you track so please make sure you use a real email address when making your order.